Welcome to the WARRIOR FAMILY

Chronically Fit Canada is inspired by Jill’s everyday struggle living with a RARE, CHRONIC illness Addison’s Disease. She has brought together people living with and without chronic illness who are ready to take back their wellness with a positive attitude and realistic lifestyle changes. Her programs are a complete approach to wellness through fitness, nutrition and mental health. All designed by someone struggling every day with a chronic illness and understands the power her overall wellbeing effects her quality of life.


The WARRIOR TRUTH is there are a lot of things that are in your control that can IMPROVE your quality of life even if you are facing a chronic illness.

Jill believes it is our responsibility to be proactive in our own wellness.



Her personal MOTTO


Jill’s WARRIOR programs include VIRTUAL sessions and pre-recorded workouts to guide you through safe, functional exercises to build strength and improve flexibility. PLUS complete nutrition guidance and the support you need to MOVE FORWARD in your wellness.

Increase your energy, improve your mental well-being and have a better quality of life.


Hi, I am WARRIOR Jill, the “BIG PICKLE” here at Chronically Fit Canada, and the host of THE PICKLE JAR PODCAST.

My mission is to share with you my over 18 years of professional knowledge in the fitness industry and my personal experience of living every day with a rare chronic illness. My unique journey has positively revolutionized my life!

My personal diagnosis with Addison’s Disease, a life threatening autoimmune disease in 2011 made my fire for wellness burn stronger. Life experience has given me a masters degree in getting knocked down and getting back up to fight another day.

All of this experience and knowledge are at the heart of Chronically Fit Canada.

The Pickle Jar Podcast

THE PICKLE JAR is inspired by my personal journey with Addison’s Disease or Adrenal Insufficiency. I was & lacked the support that I needed to manage my illness & have the best quality of life.

Years of experience advocating for myself lead me to THE PICKLE JAR Podcast. It is my passion to connect people GLOBALLY living with Adrenal Insufficiency & all invisible illnesses.

The Pickle Jar Podcast is educating, advocating & changing lives for people living with adrenal insufficiency.


Living with “ADDISON’S DISEASE” or adrenal insufficiency I can not maintain my blood sodium levels and require a HIGH SODIUM diet. Eating PICKLES is the norm in my world & those living with adrenal insufficiency. It is the perfect representation of her podcast and every pickle in the jar represents someone living with Addison’s Disease. I am just a girl with a mission to help others in wellness and have an intense LOVE for PICKLES.


“I had recently been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, and I was looking for tools to navigate the rocky road of chronic illness. Jill walked into my life just at the right time! Having battled Addison’s for many years already and watched her father do the same, Jill was eager to offer up her support and kind words of encouragement.Not only was she ready to share her resources as a personal trainer, but she always had the perfect catch phrase and idea to motivate me.Jill’s perspective on health is unique, and fit perfectly with what I was going through. Her words: “Food is your best medicine” and “You deserve the best every day” have stuck with me on this wild journey, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

“Thank you so much for all you do, I am newly diagnosed & have been listening to your podcast nonstop. Thank you for all the wonderful information, you have made me feel so much less alone on this journey.”

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