My mission is to share with you my over 18 years of professional knowledge in the fitness industry and personal experience of living every day with a rare chronic illness. My unique journey has positively revolutionized my life and I have instilled this into my virtual Warrior Community.

My Warrior Community is based on my three WARRIOR OATHS of success- EMPOWER, INSPIRE and COMFORT.

I promise a real and raw approach to the optimal well-being you crave.

A realistic approach that will give you the tools you need for permanent lifestyle changes.

Virtual program to offer you convenient access to my program anytime in your own space and with all the support you need to achieve your goals.

You have my COMPLETE guidance and support on your wellness journey!

Let Me Introduce Myself….I am JILL!!!

Hi there I am Jill, the visionary for Chronically Fit Canada and our exciting Warrior Program.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 18 years. I have a B.A.Sc. majoring in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph and complimented my education by becoming a certified personal trainer & yoga instructor.

Helping you achieve your goals is my passion and I truly believes everyone deserves to live their best quality of life.

My personal diagnosis with Addison’s Disease, a life threatening autoimmune disease in 2011 made my fire for wellness burn stronger. Life experience has given me a masters degree in getting knocked down and getting back up to fight another day.

All of this experience and knowledge is at the heart of Chronically Fit Canada and is embedded in my WARRIOR PROGRAM.

Online WARRIOR Membership includes:

  • FULL ACCESS to over 10 LIVE stream class schedule via ZOOM each week
  • Warrior Boot Camp, Warrior Yoga and Warrior Abs
  • Unlimited access to pre-recorded sessions
  • Unlimited access to our INSPIRE and COMFORT website providing you with the support you need nutritionally and mentally
  • Weekly emails and YouTube videos to keep you motivated
  • Monthly Webinars and more
  • Exclusive WARRIOR only member discounts

A Word from My Warriors

Connecting a community of people together to live their best lives.

“I had recently been diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, and I was looking for tools to navigate the rocky road of chronic illness. Jill walked into my life just at the right time! Having battled Addison’s for many years already and watched her father do the same, Jill was eager to offer up her support and kind words of encouragement.Not only was she ready to share her resources as a personal trainer, but she always had the perfect catch phrase and idea to motivate me.Jill’s perspective on health is unique, and fit perfectly with what I was going through. Her words: “Food is your best medicine” and “You deserve the best every day” have stuck with me on this wild journey, and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Jill is knowledgeable, kind, strong and empathic, and always ready to spread awareness and lend a helping hand.- Heather Vowles (fellow Addison’s Warrior)”

Tools and support you need.

“I am love, love, loving being back at yoga! I feel like a completely different person! The classes are great, sound, video, everything is wonderful…I’m loving the boot camps too, I did 2 yoga and 3 boot camps this week…Just wanted to say thx, keep up the awesome work”

Real life permanent changes for lasting results.

“This was my best class so far…I can feel I’m stretching better and not hurting. I am can touch my palms to the floor in downward fold and start to hold the poses longer…thanks a bunch…”

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