Warrior Workouts


At any time during your workouts, if you feel out of breath or have chest pain please stop exercising and see a doctor.  Everyone should consult a doctor before starting this or any exercise program.  Always listen to your own body.

  1. Whether you complete the entire workout or part of it, you are making progress.  Work hard at whatever you have time for.
  • Your resistant workouts are designed to elevate your heart rate to maximize your results and also deliver the health benefits of cardio. 
  • Nutrition is 80% of your results.  Take time to organize healthy meals.   Aim for 20-30 g of protein per meal and snack, eating every 3-4 hours, 5-6 meals per day.
  • REST – your muscles recover and get stronger during rest days.  Make sure you have them!!  Always listen to your body.
  • CARDIO – Cardio burns muscle for energy and we want to preserve as much as possible.  After healthy meals and resistant workouts in if you decide to do cardio I recommend – Stairs are great…if on a piece of cardio equipment stick to intervals for example 30 sec sprints, 45-sec recovery (repeat) or programs involving hills etc.  Walking/running outside…change your speeds, get your heart rate elevated but where you can still carry on a conversation.                

FLIP SIDE – some people enjoy and need a good steady run or walk to relieve mental stress…any movement you enjoy is a bonus physically and mentally.


  1. This is YOUR PROGRAM in YOUR LIFE…everyone is different.  Everyone will take/need something different every day.
  2. Trust the universe and trust your body.
  3. Positive thoughts and energy ONLY…no KAREN’s allowed, no negative nelly’s.
  4. No judge, no pressure…go with the flow and just go!!!
  5. You will NOT be able to read or do all the stuff I give you…so don’t stress about it…get over that NOW!
  6. Text me, email me, FB me…use and abuse me for support…let’s get this done!



Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, REST, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, REST, Day 1

Day 1, REST, Day 2, Day 3, REST, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, REST


  • ANY workout schedule works.  Take a rest day at least after every 3 workouts.
  • Listen to your body, work with where YOU are
  • Modify any exercise as needed
  • Always listen to the pain, never work through the pain
  • DOING is the important part, modify or shorten workouts to suit your day, just do something.
  • Have a time limit to workout.  Start a timer and when time is up, the workout is over. I recommend 20-30 minutes