EMPOWER: Fitness changes are body shape, which makes our body healthier physically.

EMPOWER yourself through movement. Safe, effective exercises to build strength and endurance. All at your own pace. Movement is not only essential for physical health but for mental health.


Your safety is your responsibility at any time during ANY workout routine.  Assess current and past injuries and/or health concerns.  Be sure to speak to a professional and learn your limits.

To be successful keep these things in mind:

  • ALWAYS listen to your body, work within your limits
  • ALWAYS focus on positive simple changes
  • ALWAYS be realistic
  • ALWAYS remember any progress, is progress
  • ALWAYS keep trying
  • ALWAYS start where you are
  • ALWAYS remember this program is a GUIDE, keep it simple, and make changes to suit YOU and your LIFESTYLE
  • ALWAYS remember the magic happens by DOING
  • ALWAYS meals and snacks are interchangeable
  • ALWAYS remember nutrition is 80% of your results
  • ALWAYS remember physical, nutritional and mental health work together for success


Having a small amount of equipment adds variety and can vary intensity of your workouts.  Simple, cost-effective pieces of equipment to have on hand include:

  • Varies sizes of dumbbells (sets of 5, 8, 10, 12, 15)
  • High quality stability ball (45 cm 5’ & below; 55 cm 5’1” to 5’8”; 65 cm 5’9” & up)
  • Mat
  • Resistant band
  • Bench
  • Chair
  • Aerobic step and risers (ideally at least 5 per side)


Strength training is an essential component of your workouts.  It builds muscle, gives joints support and boosts your metabolism.  Proper form accelerates results.  Perform each exercise within your personal limits and with proper form.  ALWAYS.


Cardio training burns calories during the activity and improves heart health.  It is AMAZING for your mental wellbeing. 


Every 2 weeks you will be given 3 workouts.  Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.  You will rotate these workouts, with days of rest.  This keeps the program structured and routine for simplicity.  We are focused on establishing new habits and getting the body moving.

Daily Challenge

All of our lives in this moment have different obligations and tomorrow we may be confronted with some new unexpected challenges.  Despite our best intentions to exercise, it may not happen.  The DAILY CHALLENGE is a short routine you can add in extra or in replace of the workout.  It is completely optional.

“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it with faith. Feed it with the truth. Feed it with love.”