Resilient Warrior Fund

My MISSION to educate and advocate for people living with Addison’s disease.

10% of all profits will be donated directly to TEAM ADDISON CANADA.

McMaster Children’s Hospital

We have donated over 100 WARRIOR t-shirts to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. Due to Covid restrictions and changes to policies the hospital asked us to pause our donations at this time and find a new home for our WARRIOR t-shirts. This change leads us to the wonderful support programs of HNWS.


Our FIRST CAMPAIGN with Chronically Fit Canada was assisting a local family in need of a new wheelchair van for their son Brandon with Cerebral Palsy and who is also a Type 1 Diabetic.

Chronically Fit Canada designed a hoodie to raise funds inspired by the families last name HOTO and a phrase Barndon’s Dad used to support his son in a wheelchair “LIFE ROLLS ON”. “HOTO – Life Rolls On” Hoodie campaign donated funds towards purchasing a new van for the family and sparked a community of support. This led to amazing fundraising efforts by an amazing community including BBQs, Silent Auctions and more. In a very short period of time the community had raised sufficient funds for the family to purchase a new van.