Welcome to the PICKLE FAMILY

January 2023

Pickle Partnership

Pickle Partnership is about YOU and I joining forces in your wellness. Identifying where you are struggling, where are excelling and what are the next steps to improve your quality of life.

If you are ready to move FORWARD in your wellness. If you are ready to take back your power….the PICKLE PARTNERSHIP is for you!

How does it work:

  • TO START – 15 min ZOOM chat to get to know each other
  • PICKLE POWER HOUR – One hour more in-depth chat together where together we set realistic goals, and the logical next steps in your wellness. A laid-out plan you are EMPOWERED by to make strives in your health.
  • FOLLOW-UP – 15 min scheduled follow to keep you on track. Together we make changes to your goals and ensure you are making the progress you want.

Registration Policy

By proceeding with membership registration, you are releasing Chronically Fit Canada from any liability with regards to injury or damages resulting from participation in our programs. Before starting any exercise routine, the member takes full responsibility to seek any needed advice from their physician or health professionals in regards to any medical conditions or injuries that may impact their ability to participate.

Recurring Memberships

It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their membership before it renews and the payment is processed. After the payment is processed, there will be no refunds.

MEMBERSHIPS can be cancelled at any time through the My Account after logging in to our MEMBERS ONLY site at ww.chronicallyfitcanada.com. Once cancelled your membership will expire at the end of the month and will not automatically renew.