The PICKLE JAR Podcast is a unique platform for people worldwide living with adrenal insufficiency to connect together.

We are creating a committed community empowered in the management of our illness.

Educating. Advocating. Changing Lives.

Why The Pickle Jar?

Individuals living with adrenal insufficiency tend to require HIGH SODIUM diets to maintain electrolyte levels. A LOVE for PICKLES is the norm in our world & the perfect name to represent our community. Every listener is represented in the jar by a pickle.



THE PICKLE JAR is inspired by my personal journey with a rare autoimmune disease, Addison’s Disease or Adrenal Insufficiency. I was diagnosed in 2011 & lacked the support that I needed to manage my illness & have the best quality of life.

Years of experience advocating for myself lead me to THE PICKLE JAR Podcast. It is my passion to connect people GLOBALLY living with Adrenal Insufficiency & all invisible illnesses.

The Pickle Jar Podcast is educating, advocating &changing lives for people living with adrenal insufficiency.

Episodes educating and advocating for people living with adrenal insufficiency.

A inside look in the Pickle Jar about Jill’s personal journey with Addison’s Disease.

Jill shares her knowledge of being in the wellness industry for over 18 years. Practical advice ANYONE can apply now to improve their health and quality of life.

Heartfelt episodes to celebrate those who have passed of adrenal insufficiency. Providing their family & friends with an outline to continue on the legacy of their loved one.

Jill’s personal PICKLE PICK’s of everyday products that help her manage to live with a chronic illness.

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E101 – The Journey Back to Me – Set backs & Tears but Making Progress The Pickle Jar

Welcome back into the PICKLE JAR. In this episode, Jill shares an update on her journey with Addison's Disease. At the start of March, she set goals to regain her strength physically. Knowing her month was busy with doctors' appointments, tests, and more she was trying to prepare for LIVING with Addison's. She knows no matter how much she prepares and tries to prevent LOW CORTISOL days they are going to happen. She has made progress and is putting her effect to be in the NOW, to be in the MOMENT…to love herself unconditionally when her cortisol is low to persevere with life with a chronic illness. This weekend she won. She was in the moment. Asked herself what do I need NOW? What can she do TODAY to manage, survive, learn and win against ADDISON'S DISEASE? She isn't perfect but she made progress and that is how you live with a chronic illness. FOLLOW JILL'S JOURNEY on Facebook – WARRIOR JILL.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriorjill TEAM ADDISON CANADA.   https://www.facebook.com/teamaddisoncanada/ Make this pickle happy, subscribe, review, and share THE PICKLE JAR PODCAST. Watch on YouTube and Subscribe so you do not miss any amazing episodes.    https://www.youtube.com/chronicallyfitcanada THE PICKLE JAR Podcast is running on love and determination. If you would like to make a contribution to cover costs it would be greatly appreciated.     https://gofund.me/155401bb If you would like to share your journey on THE PICKLE JAR please email me at thepicklejar@rogers.com Follow on Instagram @the_picklejar DISCLAIMER: The information from THE PICKLE JAR represents the experiences of the host Jill Battle and the individual experiences of each guest.  No information is intended to provide or replace the medical advice of a medical professional.  The host or guests are not liable for any negative consequences from any treatment, action, application or preparation, to any person following the information from the podcast.
  1. E101 – The Journey Back to Me – Set backs & Tears but Making Progress
  2. E102 – Jill's TOP 12 TIPS to Manage Her Addison's
  3. E100 – Eye of the Tiger: Haley's Champion Fight with Addison's Disease
  4. E99 – Jill's 12 Year ADDISON ANNIVERSARY
  5. E98 – Lisa's TIPS on Managing Adrenal Insufficiency

“Thank you so much for all you do, I am newly diagnosed & have been listening to your podcast nonstop. Thank you for all the wonderful information, you have made me feel so much less alone on this journey.”

“I have joined your podcast & just want to say I’m loving them & learning…you are doing an awesome job thank you very much.”

“This was an amazing podcast. Jill spoke passionately about her illness. As a guy, she had me in tears. I enjoyed how well she spoke. Very clear…Very well done. I will be listening to more episodes.”