Ready? Set? GOALS!!!!

Establishing clear goals and creating a plan is essential to your success and DEFINITELY worth your time and effort.

Remember a GOAL and RESULT are completely differenct things.

A GOAL – is an action that leads to RESULT.

RESULTS occur as a ‘result’ of our goals/actions.

Think of your goals as all of those BABY steps you need to take…your goals are every step on the staircase and at the TOP you achieve your result.

First ask yourself…what is a REALISTIC goal you would like to achieve in the next 6 weeks.

Now ask yourself…what REALISTIC ACTIONS or GOALS do you need to set to achieve that result.

“You were born to win. But to win you must…PLAN to win, PREPARE to win, EXPECT to win.”

STEP 2 – Personal Assessment

STEP 3 – Goals