MEET BOBBI…Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN) warrior.

Bobbi was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease called Polyarteritis Nodosa (PAN), that affects 1 in 1.5 million people. Polyarteritis nodosa is a rare multi-system disorder characterized by widespread inflammation, weakening, and damage to small and medium-sized arteries. Blood vessels in any organ or organ system may be damaged by restricted blood flow.

Bobbi was diagnosed December 6, 2020 after receiving the flu shot, November 26, 2020(Flulaval vaccine) where she had an anaphylactic reaction. The early morning of December 3rd she was in severe and extreme pain in her stomach and back. The doctors in emergency were baffled by what they were seeing and told Bobbi that her left kidney was a 1/4 dead. She was then sent to St. Joseph’s hospital for further evaluation.

Bobbi thought that they would remove the kidney and she would live life as people can with one kidney. She had several tests done and met with several doctors. She later learned that a team of over 30+ doctors determined her diagnosis with PAN. Bobbi has undergone infusion treatments of cyclophosphamide and takes several medications to manage her pain and disease. She experiences “flare ups”, where her body rejects her treatment medication which leaves doctors scrambling to find a new way to manage her illness. She attends several doctors appointments a month sometimes 2 or 3 in a week. Due to the illness and treatment she is unable to work.

Bobbi has a team of Specialist trying to get her PAN into remission hoping it will give Bobbi some sort of normalcy back in her life. She has issues walking from severe nerve damage in her right leg and is waiting for a biopsy set for August 8th. Due to effects of PAN and trying to treat and manage the disease Bobbi is unable to work.

The financial strains of not being able to work have been devastating.

Untreated individuals with PAN have a 13% 5 year survival rate. BOBBI IS TRUE WARRIOR of strength and resilience. She is fighting STRONG every day to beat the odds against PAN. Individuals receiving treatment have a 5-year survival rate of 80%. Bobbi is pushing to the extreme to conquer all odds and DESERVES your support.

Her gentle soul leaves her conflicted to ask for help as she is always the one willing to lend a hand to others. But this WARRIOR needs our love and support.

Chronically Fit Canada is HONOURED to support this WARRIOR in her fight with PAN and asking you to do the same.

100% of all profits from WARRIOR STRONG HOODIE sales will be donated to Bobbi and help cover her cost of her fight. She deserves our support.

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100% of profits to help Bobbi with cover the financial strain of medications not covered, doctors appointments expenses, gas and parking plus many other expenses.

This WARRIOR gives her heart to everyone and everything. True beauty on the inside and out…let’s shower her with love and support.

ORDER DEADLINE September 1st

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