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You are a WARRIOR

Our simple but empowering messages to remind everyone with a chronic condition or illness, physical or emotional challenges to keep fighting their fight. Hold your head high WARRIOR you are amazing and strong.


For every WARRIOR HOODIE ordered we donate a WARRIOR T-shirt to Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services.

Haldimand Norfolk Women’s Services provide programs and services for women who have experienced emotional and physical abuse and provide resources and support to their children.

WARRIOR Hoodies. $55 adult unisex (small to 4xl) or $45 youth (small to xl). Taxes included.

LOGO Hoodies

$45 adult unisex or youth hoodie. All taxes included.

Battle Strong Hoodies were inspired by Jill’s maiden name of Battle to support her Uncle Bill who was battling cancer. Jill altered her WARRIOR design and placed a MASSIVE family order of BATTLE STRONG hoodies. Over 100 HOODIES! Due to COVID restrictions and Uncle Bill’s declining health the family put together a VIDEO message of everyone wearing their hoodies as a surprise. Uncle Bill received his message on a Monday and passed away the following Saturday. The following week the family wore their hoodies at Uncle Bill’s memorial service to honour his memory. He will forever remind us the meaning of family and true strength. BATTLE STRONG!

In honour of UNCLE BILL for every hoodie ordered a BATTLE STRONG t-shirt will be donated to our RESILIENT WARROR sponsor.

Shipping Required?

At Chronically Fit Canada we are trying to minimize the cost of you receiving our fabulous apparel. If you require your order to be shipped simply email us before placing your order at and we will get an exact quote on your shipping.​ Be sure to include your complete mailing address in your email so
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